We Radio Mausam are People’s radio where in our listeners are Our RJ, They introduce Themeselves, The Songs are played as per their choices they send messages to us,Voice Messages and email to us.

We are here to Entertain them and to Play their Voice.

Ab Bajega Janta ka audio and to play their Voice. only on your Favorite Radio…

So, Hurry up,Your Voice Can Be Hear During all Programmer in Different Segment Mention Below.

  1. “Dadi Maa ke Nushke”. Elderly Peoples advice is one of the best one and most trusted one so grandparents whats are you waiting for now World Want to listern to your home ramedies so just renedy and send it to us.
  2. “Budbak ke Bakwas”  waiting for your nonsense comedy or PL’s so share don’t be shy just record most dumbest or sickest stuff and send it to us.
  3.  “Just Joking” and Awaiting for your jokes which can makes really every one laugh 
  4. “Bachche Mann ke Sacche” if your kids wants to share their poems or rhymes or jingle then what are you waiting for? Just Record and send it on
  5. yes this is your own radio and we are excited to hear you. If you think you have a talent to share, information to give or an idea to tell then just pick up the phone, record your stuff in  your voice, your style and send them to us…

Confused??? Don’t worry. We have kept samples for you. Just Hear them once and use it as a reference format and that’s it …. record your wonderfull voice in your unique style and send them only and only on Radio  Mausam, It’s Awesome

Our Team

Bhavesh Zaveri ( Founder)

Bhavesh Zaveri (Founder)


Mauna Shah (Sponsor)

Mayank Shah (USA)

Mayank Shah (Member)

Mashukar Bhakta (USA)

Madhukar Bhakta (Member)